Edla Duchesse de Venden 1a

Nom de naissance Edla Duchesse de Venden
Identifiant Gramps I2611
Genre féminin


    Famille de Olof III Skötkonung de Suède et Edla Duchesse de Venden [F1134]
Non mariés Conjoint Olof III Skötkonung de Suède [I2102] ( * 980 + 1022 )
Nom Naissance Décès
Emund [I2612]
Holmfrid [I2613]
Astrid Olofsdotter [I2614]1035


Edla (10th century-11th century), traditionally sometimes kalled "Duchess of Venden", was a Slavic Viking age woman, mistress of King Olaf of Sweden and mother of King Emund the Old of Sweden.

Tradition say Edla was the daughter of a West Slavic Tribal chief from Northern Germany. She was brought to Sweden as a prisoner of war at the same time, or a little before, as Estrid of the Obotrites in c. 1000. King Olof Skötkonung fell in love with her and took her as his mistress, although he married Estrid. She became the mother of Emund, Astrid Olofsdotter and possibly Holmfrid. Snorre Sturlasson say, that her children was sent to foster parents away from the royal court because Queen Estrid was not kind to them. This could indicate, that Edla died when her children was small.

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Arbre généalogique

    1. Edla Duchesse de Venden
      1. Olof III Skötkonung de Suède [I2102]
        1. Emund [I2612]
        2. Holmfrid [I2613]
        3. Astrid Olofsdotter [I2614]

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