Godmund de Glæsisvellir 1a

Nom de naissance Godmund de Glæsisvellir
Nom de naissance Guðmundr
Identifiant Gramps I2595
Genre masculin


    Famille de Godmund de Glæsisvellir [F1124]
Nom Naissance Décès
Höfund de Glæsisvellir [I2413]


Godmund (Guðmundr) was a king in Jotunheim in Finnmark, ruling over a land called Glæsisvellir.

He and his men were said to have lived many times the span of normal men, so that heathens believed that the Deathless Acre (Údáinsakr, compare Fountain of Life) was in his realm.

After Godmund's death, he was worshipped with sacrifices and called a god.

Godmund's son Hofund married Hervor. They had two sons: Angantýr and Heiðrekr

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Arbre généalogique

    1. Godmund de Glæsisvellir
        1. Höfund de Glæsisvellir [I2413]

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