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Nom de naissance Theodo de Bavière
Nom de naissance Theudebert
Nom de naissance Theodo Herzog von Bayern
Nom de naissance Theodo V
Nom de naissance Theodo II
Nom de naissance Theodon
Identifiant Gramps I2058
Genre masculin
Âge au décès entre 50 ans, 1 jour et 92 ans, 11 mois, 30 jours


Événement Date Lieu Description Sources
Naissance [E3206] entre 625 et 665      
Décès [E3207] entre 716 et 717      


Relation avec la souche Nom Date de naissance Date de décès Relation dans la famille (si différent de la naissance)
Père Theodo de Bavière [I3257]
         Theodo de Bavière [I2058] entre 625 et 665 entre 716 et 717


    Famille de Theodo de Bavière et Folchaid [F1157]
Mariés Femme Folchaid [I2658] ( * + ... )
Nom Naissance Décès
Theodbert [I2659]
Theobald [I2660]
Tassilo [I2661]
Grimoald [I2662]
    Famille de Theodo de Bavière et Regintrude de Bavière [F0874]
Mariés Femme Regintrude de Bavière [I2059] ( * estimée entre 630 et 665 + estimée entre 730 et 740 )
Nom Naissance Décès
? de Bavière [I2057]


La succession et la filiation des Duc de Bavière entre Garibald II et Theodo II/V est mal connue et contradictoire.
Il y a environ au moins 50 ans entre les 2 personnages.
J'ai retenu l'hypothèse de Wikipedia français (10 septembre 2009) de 3 "Theodo" successifs entre ces des Ducs de Bavière bien attestés.


Theodo (about 625 – 11 December c. 716) also known as Theodo V and Theodo II, was the Duke of Bavaria from 670 or, more probably, 680 to his death.

It is with Theodo that the well-sourced history of Bavaria begins. He strengthened Bavaria internally and externally and, according to Arbeo of Freising, he was a prince of great power whose fame extended beyond his borders.

His father was Theodo IV, Duke of Bavaria and his mother was probably Fara of Bavaria (b: 600), daughter of one of the Kings of the Lombards and (her mother) Daughter of Gisulf of Friuli (b: 577).

Theodo established his capital at Ratisbon (modern Regensburg). He married Folchaid, of the aristocracy of Alemannia, to build diplomatic ties there. He intervened in Lombard affairs by harbouring the refugees Ansprand and Liutprand, whom he assisted militarily on his return to claim the Iron Crown. Liutprand later married his daughter Guntrude. Theodo also defended his duchy ably from the Avars (with some failure in the east).

Theodo is the patron to the four great missionaries of Bavaria: Saint Rupert, Saint Erhard, Saint Emmeram, and probably Saint Corbinian. He was the first to draw up plans for the Bavarian church, aiming both at a deeper cultivation of the countryside as well as greater independence from the Frankish Kingdom by a closer association with the Pope. He was the first Bavarian duke to travel to Rome, where he conferred with Pope Gregory II. The diocesan seats were placed in the few urban centres, which served as the Duke's seats: Regensburg, Salzburg, Freising and Passau.

Two of his children are involved with the death of Saint Emmeram. Theodo's daughter Uta had become pregnant by her lover. Fearing her father's wrath, she confided to Emmeram and the saint promised bear the blame, as he was about to travel to Rome. Soon after his departure, Uta's predicament became known and in keeping with the agreement she named Emmeram as the father. Her brother Lantpert went after Emmeram and greeted him as "bishop and brother-in-law" (Aie, episcope et gener noster!) Then he had Emmeram cut and torn into pieces. Theodo had the remains of the saint moved to Regensburg. Nothing more is known of Lantpert and Uta.

[source Wikipedia]

Arbre généalogique

  1. Theodo de Bavière [I3257]
    1. Theodo de Bavière
      1. Folchaid [I2658]
        1. Theodbert [I2659]
        2. Theobald [I2660]
        3. Tassilo [I2661]
        4. Grimoald [I2662]
      2. Regintrude de Bavière [I2059]
        1. ? de Bavière [I2057]


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