Regintrude de Bavière 1a 2 3a

Nom de naissance Regintrude de Bavière
Nom de naissance Regintrud Herzogin von Bayern
Nom de naissance Reginlind
Nom de naissance Regentrud
Identifiant Gramps I2059
Genre féminin
Âge au décès (entre 36 ans, 1 jour et 210 ans, 11 mois, 30 jours)


Événement Date Lieu Description Sources
Naissance [E3766] estimée entre 630 et 665      
Décès [E3767] estimée entre 730 et 740      


Relation avec la souche Nom Date de naissance Date de décès Relation dans la famille (si différent de la naissance)
Père Dagobert Ier [I2060]entre 602 et 605entre 638 et 639
Mère Nantilde de Bobigny [I2061]entre 608 et 610642
         Regintrude de Bavière [I2059] estimée entre 630 et 665 estimée entre 730 et 740
    Le frère (germain)     Clovis II le Fainéant [I2656] 637 entre 27. novembre 655 et 27. novembre 658


    Famille de Theodo de Bavière et Regintrude de Bavière [F0874]
Mariés Mari Theodo de Bavière [I2058] ( * entre 625 et 665 + entre 716 et 717 )
Nom Naissance Décès
? de Bavière [I2057]


Regintrud (also Reginlind and Regentrud), (b. 660-665 d. 730-740) is something of an enigma. The sources quoted by Schreibner indicate that the records show a Regentrud as the sister of Adela of Pfalzel and daughter of king Dagobert I. This is supported by the following:

Another Regentrud being listed in the tradition book of the Nonnberg Abbey as regentrudis regina (marking her a Merovingian princess)
The names of her sons, through her marriage to duke Theodo of Bavaria, are also Merowingian, that is, from the families of Regentrud and Adela
According to these sources, 8th century witnesses only mention Folchaid as the wife of Theodo. The supposition that queen Regintrud, the benefactor of the abbey founded by Rupert of Salzburg and Theodo mentioned above, must therefore be the wife of Theodo, is attributed to the 15th century historians Suntheim and Aventin. As an alternative explanation, the sources suggest that Regintrud was the queen of Theudebert, who may have had his support of the abbey attributed instead to his late father, Theodo. After the death of Theudebert, another Regentrud entered the Nonnberg Abbey and later became abbess in 720-725. This is listed in the Salzburger Verbrüderungsbuch in 784. Assuming the abbess Regentrud and queen Regentrud are the same, she may have entered the abbey on her husbands death. This could explain why the name of Theudeberts wife is excluded in the communion book of St. Peter in respect for her position as abbess. However, much of this is mere speculation based on the individuals named being the same.

The following lineages have been suggested:

Daughter of the Seneschal (and Pfalzgraf) Hugobert and Irmina of Oeren.
Daughter of Dagobert I
Daughter of Childebert III

[source Wikipedia]

Arbre généalogique

  1. Dagobert Ier [I2060]
    1. Nantilde de Bobigny [I2061]
      1. Regintrude de Bavière
        1. Theodo de Bavière [I2058]
          1. ? de Bavière [I2057]
      2. Clovis II le Fainéant [I2656]


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