Skuli Lofdasson 1a

Nom de naissance Skuli Lofdasson
Nom de naissance Skyli
Identifiant Gramps I5182
Genre masculin


Relation avec la souche Nom Date de naissance Date de décès Relation dans la famille (si différent de la naissance)
Père Lovde Halvdansson [I5183]
         Skuli Lofdasson [I5182]


    Famille de Skuli Lofdasson [F1900]
Nom Naissance Décès
Egdir Skulasson [I5181]


Lofdungs :

Lofdi was a great king who raided Reidgotaland (Reiðgotaland) and became king there. Lofdi's sons were Skekkil Sea-king (Skekkill sækonungr) and Skyli. Skyli was father of Egdir (Egðir), the father of Hjálmthér (Hjálmþér), the father of Eylimi, the father of Hjördís (Hjǫrdís), the mother of Sigurd Fáfnir's-bane, father of Áslaug (Áslaugr) by Brynhild whose ancestry appears below in the Budling discussion. This Áslaug was a wife of Ragnar Lodbrok and by him the mother of Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye (Sigurðr ormr í auga) who was father of a second Áslaug who was mother of Sigurd Hart. Sigurd Hart was father of Ragnhild (Ragnhildr), mother of Harald Fairhair as already stated.

[source Wikipedia]

Arbre généalogique

  1. Lovde Halvdansson [I5183]
    1. Skuli Lofdasson
        1. Egdir Skulasson [I5181]


Références des sources

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